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The Spring Convention will be early this year starting on February 8, 2018 Therefore in order to get the Convention Booklet assembled and printed the drop dead date will be January 27, 2018. The finished product will be delivered to the printer on the 29th. Again a full page 5 1/2" x 8 1/2 " will be $40.00 and a half page 5 1/2" x 4" will be $20.00. Executive Board Reports , District Reports and Committee Reports will be free. All ads will be greyscale. Ads should be paid for before the convention. Any further information contact Dan Brink 1171 Billyville Rd. Woodbine Ga. 31569 Only 4 days left to place your ad don't let time slip by.


Georgia Moose Association

Executive Board 2017-2018

President:                Tommy Brown

Vice President:        Danny Walker

Treasurer:                John Hilburn

Prelate:                    Joey Proctor 

Secretary:                Buster Skelton

Past President:        Roger Sexton 




**Our GA Council of Higher Degrees Meetings will be January 27, 2018, at Thomson Moose Lodge # 477, 1606 Augusta Road, Thomson GA   30824  (706) 595-2582.  Our Meetings are being held in conjunction with the District 2 Meeting at 11:00.  Lunch will be served at 12:00, which may be purchased from the Lodge.  Our Board of Officers will meet @ 12:30.  Any proposals should be submitted to R. Clarke Farmer, President, prior to our Board Meeting.  Our General Members’ Meeting will be held @ 1:00.    After our Meetings, there will be a session for ‘Membership Retention’ phone calls to be made by any Higher Degree Member, who is willing to assist!!  If your Chapter, Lodge or Moose Legion would like to bring a listing of your arrearages for us, please do so.  Please plan to stay in Thomson as late as it takes to get these very important calls made!!  We will do our best to assist each of you!!  Please share this information with your Chapter, Lodge and Moose Legion groups.  We can’t wait!!  This should be SO beneficial for our Fraternity!!!      

**DUES… Are you current with Annual Membership Dues (Jan. 1-Dec. 31)…$10.00 per year?  Or, you may inquire about the cost of a Life Membership.  Dues should be mailed to Secretary/Treasurer, Marie B. Foster, 1982 Banks Creek Church Road, Portal GA   30450!  Thanks!!  If you have any questions, call (706) 540-3863 or e-mail to or .

**Our 2018 Board of Officers are looking forward to a successful new year!!  We are here for you!!  We trust that each of you will have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!  Your assistance and input are very much needed, so don’t hesitate to let your voice be heard!!  Together, we can make our Georgia Moose Association acquire the No. 1 position with Moose International!!!  Hope to see each of you at our Mid-Year Conference, February 8-11, 2018 at the Macon Marriott City Center, Macon GA.  Reservations may be made now…mention GA Moose Association, when making them!!!   478 621-5300   

2018 Board of Officers

Clarke Farmer, President                               Statesboro Lodge                                           (912) 682-1381                                                                                                              

Suzanne Cadwell, Jr. Past President               Warner Robins Chapter                                  (478) 258-7326


Shirley Curl, Vice President                             Vidalia-Lyons Chapter                                     (912) 293-7762


Sarah McGuffey, Chaplain                              Griffin Chapter                                                (770) 584-5827


Marie Foster, Secretary/Treasurer                Statesboro & Athens Chapters                       (706)540-3863                                                                                                                          

GMA State Karaoke Finals March 3, 2018 at Henry County Moose Lodge 2170 at 7:00 PM

Going To the Mid-Year Convention at the Macon Marriott

Make plans to get your room now Call 866-882-4465 and reserve your room. Cut off date is January 18th 2018. State Secretary advises no more rooms are available now.





FEBRUARY 9-11-2018


NAME_________________________                   LODGE NAME AND #_____________________________

MID #________________                                           EXPIRITION DATE__________________

PILGRIM_______                                                                               ADMINISTRATOR_________

FELLOW________                                                                             GOVERNOR   __________

M/ LEGIONAIRE____                                       PAST GOVERNOR ___________

                                                REGISTERATION FEE                                 $10.00

                          FRIDAY – PAST PRESIDENTS LUNCHEON                  32.00

                        SATURDAY MOOSE LEGION BREAKFAST                    30.00  

                                     SATURDAY- FELLOWSHIP LUNCHEON                       35.00


TOTALS   PAID           CK# ________                         $__________

REMIT CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TO:  Georgia Moose Association Inc.

                                                           62 Honey Lane

                                                           Mc Donough Ga 30252

Pre-registration accepted until FEBRUARY 8,2018  after which fee is $15.00


Please bring can goods for the VETS HOME as part of our community service


Georgia Moose Association





FEBRUARY 8-11, 2018


Welcome Official Visitors:

Mike Leuer – General Governor Moose International

Kimberly Pettit - Grand Regent



Homeport Home for Veterans




  • 2:20 PM     Standing Committee meetings:

      • Resolutions

      • Audit

  • 4:00 PM     Registration Opens (Closes at 6 PM)


    FRIDAY – FEBRUARY 9th  :


  • 9:00 AM:  Registration Desk Opens (Closes at 6 PM)

  • 9:00 AM:  GMA Full Board Meeting

  • 10:30 AM:  LOOM Session 1

    • Call to Order: President Tommy Brown, Presiding

    • Invocation: Joey proctor, Prelate

    • Presentation of Colors & Pledge: Steve Vorce, Sgt. at Arms.





      Friday – February 9th – continued:



    • Roll Call of GMA Officers & Chairmen: Buster Skelton, Secretary

    • Credentials Report: Lenny Bjerke, Chairman

    • Welcome of Official Visitor: Mike Leuer, General Governor International by Tommy Brown, President

    • Roll Call of Lodges: District Presidents


    • Welcome & Report of President: Tommy Brown

    • Moose Training Update: GMA Coordinator Walt Zurowski

    • Moose Legion Updates: Fred Allen, Moose Legion Ambassador – Georgia and  Walt Zurowski, Area Manager


  • 12:00  PM:  GMA Past Presidents Luncheon & Meeting (Open to GMA Past Presidents)


  • 2:00 PM: LOOM Session II


    • Call to Order: President Tommy Brown, Presiding

    • Welcome First Time Attendees: President Tommy Brown

      • Membership: Production & Retention – Lee Langley & Clark Farmer

      • Video: Mike Rios, Director of Membership

      • Membership Achievement::

      • Association Promotions & Assistance


  • 3:00 PM: WORKSHOP 1:  Activity Committees


  • 4:30 PM: JOINT SESSION  (Session will be held in the WOTM Meeting Room)

    • Call to Order: President Tommy Brown, Presiding

    • Video: Director General Scott Hart

    • Video: Bob Neff, Higher Degree

    • Video: Mike Leuer, General Governor  The Need for Insurance

    • Moosehaven Centennial Report

    • Moose Charities: Supporting Mooseheart & Moosehaven – Tommy Brown & Virginia Chafin – Co Chairs. 






      Friday – February 9th – continued:




    • Moosehaven Centennial Project Funding Appeal: GMA Capital Project – Update by Bill Kunkle, Chairman

    • Video: Chancellor Barb McPherson

    • WOTM – Official Visitor Kimberly Pettit – introduction by Edna Gilmore DGR Georgia

    • LOOM – Official Visitor Mike Leuer – introduction by Bob Vaughn, DSG Georgia.

    • Awards & Recognition Presentations – Lynn Ridder


  • 6:00 PM: Hospitality Room Opens – Admittance requires Conference Registration – no guests.




SATURDAY:  February 10th: 


  • 8:30 AM  Moose Legion  Breakfast


  • 10:00 AM  LOOM Session III

    • Call to Order: President Tommy Brown, Presiding

    • First Time Attendees Welcome: Tommy Brown, President

    • Roll Call of GMA Officers & Chairmen: Buster Skelton, Secretary

    • Roll Call of Lodges: District Presidents


  • 10:30 AM  WORKSHOP 2:  Advertising VS Promotion


  • 11:30 AM  WORKSHOP 3:  Putting theU” in Community Service


  • 12:30 PM:  Fellowship Members Luncheon & Meeting       

    (attendees must hold membership in the Fellowship or Pilgrim Degree) 







    Saturday – February 10th – continued:



  • 2:00 PM:  LOOM Session IV:  Open to the Public Events


    • Call to Order: President Tommy Brown

    • GMA Liaison Comments: Lynn Ridder

      • Communications

      • Valued Veterans Program

      • Lodge Elections

      • New Orleans Convention

      • Membership Promotion

      • Where do you stand for Premier Lodge Award?

      • Audits – How & the Importance


    • Assistant Director Membership – Field Operations Dave Smoot: Program Updates

    • Lifetime Achievement Award: Buster Skelton, Secretary



  • 3:15 PM: WORKSHOP 4  Open to the Public


    • LOOM Official Visitor Comments: Mike Leuer

    • Collection for Langford Scholarship Fund & Community Service Scholarship

    • Comments of State Secretary: Buster Skelton


  • 5:00 PM: Hospitality Room Opens:

    • Games

    • Fundraiser Activities




      SUNDAY: FEBRUARY 11th:


  • 8:30 AM:  Non-Denominational Worship Service (LOOM meeting room)

  • 9:30 AM:  LOOM Session V:






    Sunday – February 11th – continued:


    • Call to Order: President Tommy Brown

    • Comments (final) of Moose International Representatives:

      • Walt Zurowski,  Moose Legion Area Manager

      • Jim Hibbs, Deputy Supreme Governor

      • Lynn Ridder, Liaison & Territory Mgr.

      • Mike Leuer, General Governor

    • Closing Remarks of President: Tommy Brown

    • Final Credentials Report: Lenny Bjerke, Chairman

    • Comments & Announcements of Secretary: Buster Skelton

    • Benediction – Joey Proctor, Prelate

    • Motion to Adjourn – Sine Die




      Convention Notes:

      * Endowment will be collected at each session.

** After the opening session the roll call of lodges will be at the    discretion of the State President.

*** All Workshops are being conducted within the respective LOOM Session.


  1. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted in any meeting or session at the Convention.
  2. Hospitality rooms shall be closed during all sessions of the Convention.
  3. Only members holding Convention Registration Badge shall be admitted to the meeting sessions and the hospitality rooms.  Non-registered members do not qualify for admittance. 
  4. Proper behavior of members is required; members acting inappropriately shall be subject to disciplinary action.
  5. Members who smoke on the hotel property will do so under the rules & regulations of the hotel and will properly police their area and dispose of butts in proper containers.
  6. Trash MUST be deposited in the provided receptacles – the Hotel host works hard to maintain their grounds to blend with the natural environment – let’s help them.  Please DO NOT Liter.
  7. The wearing of regalia during the meeting sessions of the Convention is encouraged; members presenting or sitting at the head table of any session or meeting shall wear coat, dress shirt, and tie, long trousers, and appropriate closed toe shoes.
  8. All Alcoholic Beverages will be dispensed inside the HOSPITALITY ROOM ONLY.  NO drinks may be removed from the Hospitality Room.
  9. Tips program will be enforced by the GMA Officers and the Motel.




Deadline is : TBD



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