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The primary duty of the Family Activities Committee is to ask the various age groups within the Moose Center what type of activities they would participate in; once activities are identified the Committee should design a "plan" for each particular activity and present to the Board of Officers for their consideration and approval.

Once the planned activity is approved , the Family Activities Committee need only act as the coordinator to involve other units of the Moose Center in hosting the event; host units include the Women of the Moose , Moose Legion Committee, Sports Committee, or perhaps another special committee working within the Center.

One very vital duty of the Family Activities Committee is to make certain that each planned event is carried out to its conclusion and that feedback is returned to the Lodge Officers on the success or failure of each event. Should an event be deemed a failure the Committee must not give up, but should live by the motto "if first you don't succeed;try, try again". Remember it took Thomas Edison hundreds of tries to make a successful light bulb, if he had given up we might still be in the darkness of a candle.

Family activities should be planned for each age group with the Center; Moose International has published several sources for ideas and guidelines on planning events; Forward In The Good Onward In The Right, A handbook; Moose Family Activities and Sports, The Chairmen Guide Book; and Moose Magic Activities Resource Book. These publications are available from Moose International.

The Last , but not least important duty of the Moose Activities Committee Chairman is to report the Committee's activities on the offical reporting form to Mooseheart the Moose Family Activities Report . This form is available off the Moose International web-site; work with your Center Administrator or Secretary and make certain to file the form timely at the end of the reporting quarter for July 31st. , and January 31st. each year, remember to file a copy with the Georgia Moose Association Family Activities Chairman. Earning the covenant Lodge Merit Award requires timely reporting ; and recognition for a Committee and Center at the State level reguire knowing about your activities.