Georgia Moose Association

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All Lodges, Chapters, and Moose Legions are reminded of our Special Olympics 
project where each unit donates $100 to Moose Charities earmarked for Special 
Olympics. Councils of Higher Degrees, Districts, and State or Provincial 
Associations are also encouraged to participate. After expenses incurred from 
our International sponsorships, any remaining funds are returned to the state 
Special Olympics offices based on that State's/Provincial's contributions. 
Everybody wins!! 

It is especially important to our state. Do you realize that Georgia has more 
participating Special Olympic athletes than any other state in the country? We 
have already held numerous state level events including tennis, swimming, 
bowling, and equestrian. 

The year is now half over, and only Albany ($125), Canton, Cartersville, and 
Kingsbay lodges have honored their commitment, with Griffin having donated $25 
towards its goal. This is part of our six-point community service requirement. 
Lets all submit our funds and get Georgia at 100%. Please e-mail me and let me 
know when you have donated to this cause. Thanks.

Bob Vaughn
Special Olympics Chairman
Georgia Moose Association