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The Georgia Council of Higher Degrees

**Our GA Council of Higher Degrees will hold the next meeting on August 5, 2017, at Athens Moose Lodge # 767, 185 Ben Burton Road, Bogart, GA 30622 in conjunction with the All-State Moose Legion Celebration. Phone #: (706) 208-0033. The Board of Officers will meet @ 10:00 and our General Members' Meeting will be held @ 11:00. Lunch may be purchased from the Lodge, when you sign in for our Meeting, and/or register for Moose Legion Celebration. Please
share this information with your Chapter, Lodge and Moose Legion groups.

**Please contact us, if your Chapter, Lodge and/or Moose Legion would like for us to assist you with your Membership Retention!! That is our primary duty, so don't hesitate to let us know when you wish to have us meet with you!! All proposals shall be coordinated through me, Suzanne Cadwell, President, and our Board of Officers.

**Please invite all Moose Members, who hold a Degree in our Fraternity, to join the GA Council of Higher Degrees group. It would be wonderful to have 100% participation in Georgia!!

**DUES...DUES...DUES...DUES...DUES...Are you current with your Annual Membership Dues
(Jan. 1-Dec. 31)...$10.00 per year? Or, you may inquire about the cost of a Life Membership.
Dues should be mailed to Secretary/Treasurer, Marie B. Foster, 1982 Banks Creek Church Road, Portal GA 30450, or just pay them prior to our Meeting! Thanks!! If you have any questions, call her at (706) 540-3863 or send an e-mail to or .

**We look forward to seeing each of you at the Athens Moose Lodge #767, August 5th!!

2017 Board of Officers
Suzanne Cadwell, President Warner Robins Chapter (478) 258-7326
Gary Harrod, Jr. Past President Henry Co. Lodge (404) 556-8431
Clarke Farmer, Vice President Statesboro Lodge (912) 682-1381
Shirley Curl, Chaplain Vidalia-Lyons Chapter (912) 293-7762
Marie B. Foster, Secretary/Treasurer Statesboro & Athens Chapters (706) 540-3863


Georgia Council of Higher Degrees
Doris Allison Scholarship Application
Student's Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
City: _________________State: ___________Zip: ______
Family Affiliation: _______________________________________________________________________
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
City: _____________________State: ___________ zip:______________________
Phone Number(s): _____________________________________and_________________________________
ID #: ____________________Chapter/Lodge: _________________________________________________
The High School Senior's Family Affiliation must be their Father, Mother, Stepparent, Grandparent or Legal Guardian, plus the Affiliation must be a member of the GA Council of Higher Degrees in good standing. A
copy of the letter of acceptance to a Technical School, College or Higher Educational Institute of Learning must be submitted with this form. Drawings for the two (2) $250.00 Scholarships will be held during the
Third (3rd) Quarterly Meeting (Calendar Year) of the GA Council of Higher Degrees, usually in August.
Submit To:
Marie B. Foster, Secretary/Treasurer GA Council of Higher Degrees
1982 Banks Creek Church Road
Portal, GA 30450
Phone: (706) 540-3863 Cell
Phone: (912) 865-3941 Home

Georgia Council of Higher Degrees

Every person holding a degree should be a member of the Higher Degree Council. Each chapter/lodge should have a representative to represent them. Let the President of the Higher Degrees know if you would be willing to be a representative of your chapter/lodge.   Pay your dues if they are due, we need each and every one of you to help our fraternity survive. 



Official Logo  The official logo of the Council of Higher Degrees is the standing Moose overlaid on six (6) interlocking rings representing the degrees of the Order. The color of the rings denote the degrees: Pilgrim is gold; Fellowship is French blue, Moose Legion is purple, College of Regents is black, Academy of Friendship is blue and the Star Recorder is green.

Composition of Higher Degrees

The Council of Higher Degrees consists of:
members of the Pilgrim Degree of Merit, the Fellowship Degree of Honor, the Moose Legion Degree of Service, the College of Regents, the Academy of Friendship and the Star Recorders.


The Council is a separate and autonomous unit of the Order. The purpose of the Council of Higher Degrees is:
  • To be actively involved in the retention of Lodge, Chapter and Moose Legion members.
  • To promote and support the programs of Moose Charities.
  • To honor all newly elevated members of the higher degrees.
  • To honor the memories of deceased members of the Council of Higher Degrees.
  • To promote the programs of the Loyal Order of Moose and the Women of the Moose.
  • To encourage fraternal and social unity, benevolence and charity among all members of the Order.