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Just How Do You Start A
Golden Moose
Senior Club?

Starting a Golden Moose Senior Club 
In Your Lodge is easy!
Just follow these steps


Look for a member in your lodge who volunteers around the lodge.  They may be in the Legion, Fellows, Pilgrims, Past Governors, Senior Regents, or Co-Workers in the Women of the Moose.  Ask him or her if they will take charge of starting a "Golden Moose Seniors Club". This person will be your coordinator.   (See Questions and Answers Below)

(Administrator): Look for someone that has a personality like you.  A person that can get along with everyone in the Lodge.
(Governor):  Watch for a leader that is popular with the members.  Someone you would vote into office.


Your Coordinator needs to look at the members to see who would be good officers in this new club, looking at their talents to see where they would fit in.  The coordinator could start as President, then appoint a Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-at-Arms.  Watch for members that would like to be in charge of potlucks, or deserts and coffee after the meetings.  A member that would be in charge of getting some local trips organized.  You may find some have done this before.


Have flyers made up announcing "THE GOLDEN MOOSE IS COMING!!"  Keep this going for at least one month before you start.  THIS IS IMPORTANT, You cannot start the Golden Moose Club overnight, take your time.  The coordinator needs this time to pick out officers and ask them to make the commitment and time to let them think about it.  They may think this is a big job, but it is Not!  The club will run itself once the officers are in place.  The Mooseheart Constitution and By-Laws says that you must be at least 50 years of age to join.

Questions and Answers about the GOLDEN MOOSE

Q:What is the Senior Club All About?
A:It is a Social, Health, Education, and Travel club for the senior members of the Loyal Order of Moose, and Women of the Moose
Q:What does it mean to me?
A:If you are over 50 years of age and a member in good standing in the Loyal Order of Moose, or the Women of the Moose, you are eligible to become a member.
Q:What does the Senior Club do?
A:We have guest speakers, experts that inform us of information, and update the facts we need to know at this time in our lives. We are living in a high tech age and we need to keep up with the changes.  We share our knowledge, our life experiences and exchange ideas about the aches and pains some of us have.  It means fellowship with people in our generation.
Q:What else can the club do?
A:We have card parties, walks for exercise, bowling teams, golf teams, kazoo bands, clowns, a choir that visits nursing homes, we have health fairs, whatever your club wants to do together. Together is the magic word!
Q:What about trips.  Where do you go?
A:We visit other lodges for dinner, shows, and tour local attractions.  We have traveled together to Michigan, West Virginia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Indiana, and even had a special train ride in Canada, and many, many, many more trips.
Q:Anything Else?
A:Your club can charge a yearly dues.  That amount is determined by your members.  $5.00 is a reasonable amount. That covers making your own membership cards, door prizes for your meetings, special dinners, etc.  We have a raffle and other fund raisers to pay for any expenses and give money to our lodge.
Q:When does the Club meet?
A:We have meetings in the lodge when there it is not busy.  Maybe on a Sunday afternoon with a potluck at one meeting and deserts and coffee at the next.  Some clubs meet in the morning with coffee and donuts.  You will see people come that haven't been in the lodge for years, and you will be happy to see them


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