The first 2 months have gone by really fast. I've had some thoughts
about the Georgia moose association, where we are now and where I'd
like to see us get to.
First our members need to know where our lodges
stand and how they can help make our fraternity stronger. Our lodges
need to encourage their members to attend the district meetings and
by attending the meetings they can supply their input, as to what they
need and expect.
We as members of the Moose can make a big difference, by attending
lodge meetings, moose legion meetings, and any other function of the
lodge. Each one of our members have something that they can do, so
let's encourage them.
I know what our association has been and I know that with everyone's
help we can get even more successful in the future. Now let's ---------
(git r done)
Georgia Moose Association President
Roger Sexton